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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Long Pausch Live Secondlife Singer Extradonaire!

........walks in and blows the dust off of my blog roll.

It's been ages since I blogged about anything and tonight inspiration just hit me. Secondlife has so many great aspects and one of my favorites is live singers. Every chance I get to see one I am there. My travels have taken me to many live singing events, and I'm not done yet. But it's not everyday that you hear someone that really moves you and has a sound that appeals to you and is very enjoyable to your ears. Tonight at Winchester Hope's Speak Easy I was wowed and moved by the live singer that sung. His name is Long Pausch. Long is fabulous and has a very strong voice that is calming, soothing and down right glorious. I really enjoyed his show. Long sung, interacted with the crowd and showed everyone a good time. I don't want to keep this secret to my self. I want everyone to get a lil piece of Long in their lives. It's not often that I hear a singer who sings and seems to feel every word that is sung.

Check out this video from U Tube of Long Pausch of secondlife. Don't be afraid to share it and subscribe to his UTube Channel.... I did.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Those Naughty Girls Are back!!

For everyone who doesn't know Naughty Girl Modelling Agency is back on the grid ready to do some cutting edge shows and entertainment events to please us all. If you remember, these ladies are classy, spicy, energetic and thrive on modelling their own way. Naughty Girls like models to be able to be themselves. Not to have to change your look to fit a certain status quo. But always willing to please if that is necessary. Naughty Girls are flexible, adaptable to any fashion need and always ready to go.

Naughty Girl Owner, JessicaTagger Resident is always on the look out for ladies to join her team and bring their own flavor to enhance her business. Interested models can hit her up in world or on FB if you would like to become a naughty Girl Model. Designer Fashion Shows, Live Entertainment events are what they specialize in.Jessica is very creative in creating her own sets for the shows so you wont be disappointed. Each event is always more creative and entertaining than the one before it. Always try to beearly and don't blink too much. There is a lot you may miss.

Last night was the opening show on the new Naughty Girl Model Complex with a Beyonce Concert filled with energy and all your favorite Beyonce Tunes on a great stage. Beyonce was played by Handmic Resident and other members of the band including, Cladestino Milena, Kaveyrynha Resident,Amalia Warpole and Guitarkid Resident. They led a magnificiant performance.

Jessica was joined by Naughty Girl Models, bebebluesky and wolfxxqueen Kelberryin the audience and a nice crowd to enjoy the performance last night.If you missed it dont worry. There will be more live concerts and more for your entertainment purposes. You May find the Naughty Girls on Sweet Island at the new Head Quarter area. Here's yourLimo

Keep an eye out, and see you soon! Don't be a stranger!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Affluent Summer Fun!

Things are pretty quiet in Affluent Dreams this summer as we all relax and enjoy ourselves. Today I took it upon myself to come to Affluent Dreams and ran into my evil twin. Or rather ran up on my evil twin. Yes, I do have a twin and of course, I, Moka, am the good one. Peppa is my evil twin and she is always getting into trouble. Here she stands, surveying the land to see what her first move should be.

I stood back as far as I could unnoticed, just to see what she was up to. It seemed harmless enough. Peppa rode her cute scooter around the block just taking it all in. Looks like she must have been hungry and felt like getting a burger from the local McDonald. How cute!

I haven't had any burgers from there yet. But if it's McDonald's I know it's good. As Peppa got back on her scooter, she scooted around the block and up to the local Malt Shop and Chinese Joint. I'm not sure if the burger didn't satisfy her hunger or she was looking to go in the malt shop to score some ice cream. It really is hot. Ice cream would go good right about now.

Whew, my knees were starting to hurt from all my snooping, but I must press on. Looks like Pep is really having fun. After scarfing down a double scoop, I suppose she was thirsty. The next place Peppa ran into was the coffee shop. Had the nerve to come out with a late'. LOL.

Can you believe after eating and drinking all of that,Peppa is having a picnic in Affluent Park. LOL. Is there no bottom in her tummy. Hmmm, I see a bottle of wine too. Looks like she is waiting for someone . There are two glasses. Now it's about to get good. I knew she was up to something.

What the hay!!! I knew it. Peppa and Officer Sundance are taking a "break" together. I see those pose balls in the park really are getting some use. I could complain but I do like to see the place being used. Guess I should leave these two alone and actually go mind my own business......Vikkkk!!! (I want to roll around too) Now I see how Pep keeps getting out of those parking tickets. LOL.

Well guys, if you want to come check out the newest location of Affluent Dreams. Do some shopping, relax, bring the kids for some food and fun on the playground in the park while mommy and daddy take a "break" . Or you two can come alone for a romantic outings and dance, cuddle and have some good conversation. Please feel free to pay us a visit. Everyone is always welcomed here.Until next time, have a good one. And see you soon. Here's your limo, don't be a stranger.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Electric Space Funk

Every show with the Naughty Renegade models is always a treat. Altho Jessica always explains to me what the show will pertain of. It always seems to turn out to be more . The latest Naughty Girl Show was called Electric Space Funk. In which the girls did their own interpretation of such , in their own original ways. Every models idea was different and original. This show included the Naughty Girl owner, Jessicatagger Resident and models Kelly, Selina, Aceriah and last but never least. The show was commentated by WHIP Radio's Jay Sparrowtree, who was also the male model decked out for the evening.

Jessica is starting to make her own platform designs for her shows and no expense was spared for this one. Jessica's creativity is full of energy just like she is and I am very pleased to be a part of it.My eyes had a treat. This set looked like electric space and was definitely funky with all the bright colors, planets moving around plus fire and lava.Which was perfect once you added all the great outfits to the run way the girls were wearing. In my opinion, Naughty Girls are models and entertainers. The fun you see them have as they strut across the floor with such sass has to rub off on you and make you wish you were out there too. It even made me hop on a model pose stand for a minute. LOL. I couldnt resist.This was a photo-op treat that my partner and hubby(BMOC Resident) and myself couldnt pass up. We had as much fun making pics as the models did flaunting all their glory on the run way. If you havent been to one of the shows, you are issing a treat. I wait with anticipation for the next Naughty Girl exhibition Show. Shy, definitely doens't apply to these spicy women. Keep up the good work ladies, you are excellent!! If you want to find the naughty Girls, just stop by Affluent Dreams. Here's your limo  See you soon!

                               Here is the whole gang, minus Selina. Jay, Jessica, Aceriah, and Kelly

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wedding Season Begins

Last weekend, May 19,2012, the Naughty Girl Renegade Models were at it again. As we all well know wedding season is upon us. The time to see beautiful brides and grooms decked out in gorgeous wedding attire. With a lovely wedding platform, the Naughty Renegade Modelling Agency was able to put together a nice collection and show of wedding outfits including some of Shelly LeMay's lovely wedding outfits for your whole wedding party. If you didn't make the show, you missed a treat of great outfits and a few surprises. There were so many photo ops ad more pics than I can show. Here area few of them

Here are a few more including some "after" wedding outfits to jump start your honeymoon

As promised, there was a surprise wedding with a lovely bride and groom. Very anxious and excited

Thank you to JessicaTagger Resident and the Naughty Girls for such a nice show. It was enjoyed by all. I look forward to your next adventure with us.If you are interested in joining the group please contact Jessica or come by her office on the sim. Jessica would love to have you.

I have to give a special thanks to designer Shelly LeMay for lending the show some of her gorgeous creations. If anyone is planning a wedding, Shelly LeMay Original Designs should be some your whole wedding party should consider. Not only does Shelly design wedding fashions Shelly also has some of the best detailed & high quality fashion designs for men and women on the grid. Shelly and the Naughty Girls are located on our Affluent Dreams sim. Come have a look, check them all out & enjoy yourselves with us. We'll be waiting!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lastnight Renegade and Naughty Girls Modelling had their first Art and Body Art exhibit at their headquarters building on Affluent Dreams Sim. We are really enjoying having these ladies and gents with us to share what they do in our arena. It is very enlightening and very fun. Last night was really a surprise to me, very unexpected as it was my first body art exhibit. Expectations weren't really clear so I gave it a chance and just enjoyed it.

The featured artist were Artwolf  Eternal and Uleria Carmel. Each artist's work is very detailed, and alive with colors to make your mind see them each in individual ways as it relates to you. I am no art buff , this is true,but I know what I like. These paintings, I like. the models were great too. When I got there I was looking around for a runway. expecting the models to come prancing down the runway in their sexy, worn pieces of live art. This was not the case. In fact the models were the art, their bodies, that is. Models were posed on pose balls, all sitting very still like a work of art. Live art. It was great. I have to give props to last nights models, and artists. Everyone dd an excellent job. I can't wait for their next event. There was an opportunity for me to sneak a few pics, hope you enjoy them. If you didnt get a chance to see the art work last night, it's still on exhibit through today. so go have a look, you wont be disappointed. Here is the limo. Until the next time, and there will be many. Have fun guys , thanks for reading this and by all means if u get a moment, come see what Affluent Dreams can do for you!!

                       This is a section of Uleria Carmel's contribution to the show. Many more to see

                         This is one of the models in her art and Artwolf Eternal's work is the background.

More of Artwolf''s work and another live model. This guy has some very nice artwork on his arms, chest and back. Very detailed.

            Another great model, accentuating her own body art with another of Artwolf's backgrounds

Here we have the lady of the hour. JessicaTagger Resident in her body art with more of Eternal's artwork. Jessica is the owner and CEO of Naughty Girls & Renegade Modelling. Is Jessica afraid to take risks?? Neverrr! You go girl!

This is Moka & Vik, owners of Affluent Dreams. We like to take risks too! LOL

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Affluent Dreams is proud to introduce our newest family members, Renegade Exotic and Naughty Girl Modelling Agency to everyone. These ladies are fresh, fiesty and very talented, waiting to show off every garment they put on as sassy as possible. Affluent Dreams is daring and willing to branch out into most any realm of entertainment and so is Renegade Exotic and Naughty Girls. JessicaTagger Resident is the owner and instructor of these groups. If any ladies feel they want to be a part of a new exciting crew, this is where you need to be. Jessica will be glad to help you. We will have future fashion shows for the public.

There was a show Sunday, March18th on their property, located on the Affluent Dreams sim entitled Fire of Passion:

        Naughty Girls & Renegade Exotic Modeling Agency 
                                    Is Proud To  Present 
                             A Naughty Rebel Production
 Passion Of Fire 

Its a passionate modeling show where the gracefulness of passion is shown. You will se both sides of fire the fierceness and spicy side and the passionate side. The Models will be showing off some fierce styles.

Models of this show were Izoni Magic, Cheroneitte Foehammer, Rebecca Fairywren,Vanity Latour, Selina Greycloud, and India Solo

Remember to keep your eyes open for these Renegade & Naughty Girl Models. For inquiries about shows and modelling jobs, please contact JessicaTagger Resident.Here are a few shots from the show. Done from a fiery set that was smoking hot. See you at the next show and thanks a lot ladies!!!